iOS Apps


Summer 2021

Turn any typed text into a picture of handwritten text with the push of a button. Select from a number of preset paper backgrounds or create your own from the Photo Library. Use the default handwriting style or make your own by writing each character yourself. Write multiple instances of characters for more convincing handwriting.

Created as my second IOS App, written in native swift with Xcode. One of my most professional projects.

This is a project I am proud of. It was my first app made natively in Xcode, and by making it I learned a new programing language. Throughout the project, I repeatedly refactored and rewrote old code, insistent on doing things the correct way. The generation algorithm went through 5 iterations before I was happy with it. The UI is designed with ease of use and fluidity in mind. The App Store statistics reflect this, with the app receiving 1060 downloads in one day, and 6500 over its lifetime.

The source code of the app is available on my GitHub.

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Cube Madness

Spring 2020

A game where you control a cube character who must jump and run through a series of 15 levels before confronting the final boss. Along the way, you must either defeat or avoid the enemies that bar your path. For an additional challenge, collect the shiny coins placed throughout the level.

Created with Godot as my first App.

The most involved part of the game was the level design, as there are 15 levels of gameplay and a boss fight at the end. Many of the mechanics are simple, but combine into an interesting gameplay experience. The game was not made natively with Swift but with the Godot iOS export.

The source code is available on GitHub.

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