Godot Projects


Summer 2021

Hedgeswarm is a 3d space shooter game where you clear an asteroid field from the self-replicating machine outbreak that has caught on in the area. If you are not fast enough, these machines will grow too large to be stopped, and it will be too late for the universe. 

Created for the 36th Godot Wild Jam. Voted 21st overall, and 4th in graphics.

In this project, I focused a lot on the graphics of the game, and wrote spatial shaders in GLSL 3 to create effects like the ship’s forcefield and the enemies’ lasers. I also used skyboxes and post-processing effects to improve the look of the game. To create the ship’s movement, I departed from traditional Euler rotations and instead used transforms for a more immersive space experience, with no indication of the up direction other than the camera’s current orientation. The asteroid field generation uses runtime OpenSimplexNoise for asteroid shape and placement.

Lost Souls

Spring 2021

Lost Souls is a reasonably long puzzle platformer with 3 different quests situated in the same world. The quests are item-based, and in each you must collect a different set of soul fragments. The game includes several interesting mechanics like vine-swinging and hidden caves.

Created for the 31st Godot Wild Jam. Voted 14th overall, 4th in graphics, and 3rd in audio.

Lost Souls was an exercise in world building, with different terrain types, plants, hidden caves, waterfalls, and vines. The game contains 2d shaders written in GLSL 3. Audio is a focus, with processing effects applied based on the environment. One of the more complicated mechanics, vine swinging, is done with rigid body chains and accurate swinging physics for an interesting platforming experience.

Le Petit Prince

Summer 2020

A game continuing the story of The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince), and a lesson in friendship. Play as the prince, maintaining the planet, and experience the story told through a series of dialogs between the prince, his sheep, and the rose. Learn to love the sheep, care for the rose, and experience the power of friendship.

Created for the 23rd Godot Wild Jam. Voted 25th overall, and 14th in theme and audio.

This game was my first participation in the jam, and it naturally had some hiccups. Despite this, the audio fits well and contributes to the mood, and the simple dialog system tells the story in an acceptable way. The game itself does not focus on gameplay, but on the story as a visual novel.


Summer 2020

A survival horror game where you must avoid a bear for as long as possible in its home court – a deep, dark cave. With your trusty shotgun and lantern, you just might get out of here – or will you? The catch? You can’t ever see the bear – if you do, its too late. Can you use your ears to escape?

Created as my first finished 3d game in Godot.

Hunted was my first attempt at making a full fledged game, and functioned more as an introduction to the Godot 3d editor than anything else. No mechanics are overly involved, and the gameplay is short and often confusing. It was, however, an exciting project for me at the time, and taught me the value of seeing a project through to completion.

Cube Madness

Spring 2020

A game where you control a cube character who must jump and run through a series of 15 levels before confronting the final boss. Along the way, you must either defeat or avoid the enemies that bar your path. For an additional challenge, collect the shiny coins placed throughout the level.

Created with Godot as my first App.

The most involved part of the game was the level design, as there are 15 levels of gameplay and a boss fight at the end. Many of the mechanics are simple, but combine into an interesting gameplay experience. The game was not made natively with Swift but with the Godot iOS export.

The source code is available on GitHub.

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